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TES volume 15, no. 1 will be available in August 2016.
Deadline for papers for volume 15, no. 2 is, August 2016

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TES Volume 14, Number 2, 2015
Health Promotion in a Sustainability Perspective

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Table of contents:

1. Editorial
Nicole Thualagant and Erling Jelsøe
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2. Duality of Health Promotion and Sustainable Development - Perspectives on Food Waste Reduction Strategies
Kirsten Bransholm Pedersen, Birgit Land and Bente Kjærgård
Abstract View PDF pp. 5-18

3. Post Rio and Ottawa Policy – Health Promotion and Sustainable Development Compared
Pernille Almlund and Jesper Holm
Abstract View PDF pp. 19-35

4. Dietary Guidelines: Nutritional Health Communication versus Sustainable Food Policy
Erling Jelsøe
Abstract View PDF pp. 36-51

5. With A Little Help from a ... Machine. Digital Welfare Technology and Sustainable Human Welfare
Ditte-Marie From.
Abstract View PDF pp. 52-64

6. Social Health and Sustainability — What Conceptual Framing and Common Language Can Help Move a Shared Agenda Forward?
Heidi Lene Andersen
Abstract View PDF pp. 65-75

7. Is the Regulation against Potentially Doped Bodies in a Fitness Context Socially Sustainable?
Nicole Thualagant
Abstract View PDF pp. 76-86

8. Politics of Coordination in Environmental Health
Jesper Holm, Bente Kjærgård and Erling Jelsøe
Abstract View PDF pp. 87-102

Deadline for papers for volume 15 no. 1 is August, 2016

Articles should be submitted to Bente Kjærgård, Hans Peter Hansen and Kristian Syberg, TES

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