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TES volume 14, no. 1 will be available in August 2015.
Deadline for papers for volume 14, no. 2 is, August 2015

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TES Volume 13, Number 2, 2014

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Table of contents:

1. Editorial
Bente Kjærgård
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2. Land-Use and Livelihoods – A Malaysian Oil Palm Scheme and its Social and Ecological Impacts
Nico Wilms-Posen,Mali Boomkens,Sarah d’Apollonia, Amanda Klarer, Eva Maria Kraus, Lena Lyngholt Tynell and A. Rasmussen
Abstract View PDF pp. 2-11

3. Back to the Future: A Backcasting based Approach to Planning for an Energy System Transition in the Danish Region of Zealand
Tue Damsø, Thomas Budde Christensen and Tyge Kjær Laberge
Abstract View PDF pp. 12-23

4. The Role of Municipalities, Energy Companies and the Agricultural Sector in Denmark as Drivers for Biogas: Trends in the Current Development
Rikke Lybæk, Jan Andersen, and Thomas Budde Christensen
Abstract View PDF pp. 24-40

Deadline for papers for volume 14 no. 2 is August, 2015

Articles should be submitted to Bente Kjærgård, Hans Peter Hansen and Kristian Syberg, TES

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