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TES volume 12, no. 2 will be available in August 2013.
Deadline for papers for volume 13, no. 1 is , August 2013

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TES Volume 12, Number 1, 2013
Citizen Driven Environmental Action

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Table of contents:

1. News from the editors
Bente Kjærgård
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2. Citizen Driven Environmental Action, Guest Editorial
Quentin Gausset and Jens Hoff
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pp. 2-3

3. A Municipal ‘Climate Revolution’? The Shaping of Municipal Climate Change Policies
Jens Hoff and Bjarne W. Strobel
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pp, 4-16

4. Analysis of Decision Making and Incentives in Danish Green Web Applications
Christian Elling Scheele
Abstract View PDF pp. 14-29

5. Comparing Different Approaches to Addressing Environmental Behavioural Change:
A Review of Ten Case Studies from Denmark
Quentin Gausset
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pp, 30-40

6. The Power of Practice and Community: A Case Study of Environmental Living in El Bolson, Argentina
Lise Tjørring
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pp, 41-52

7. The Everyday Challenges of Pro-Environmental Practices
Sara Kristine Gløjmar Berthoû
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pp, 53-68

Deadline for papers for volume 13, no. 1 is August, 2013

Articles should be submitted to Bente Kjærgård, Henning Schroll and Paul Thorn, TES

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